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A Family Farm
Gordon Farms Seed Company is a family owned and operated business located in East Central Illinois. The Gordon Family has farmed its land near Rantoul for nearly 130 years – five generations and still going strong. Like many other farms in Illinois and around the Midwest, the Gordon operation has adapted with the times, strengthening with the advances and changes made throughout the years.

In the late 1970’s Bernie and Steve became partners, beginning to farm together as their father Maurice was preparing to retire. Steve and Bernie are two of the four children of Maurice and Ruth Gordon. At this time the farm consisted of corn and soybeans, with an occasional oat crop.

In 1988 Steve and Bernie decided to open the doors of Gordon Farms Seed Company. With Illinois experiencing one of the worst droughts in Illinois history, the business was started initially to save the family money on their seed cleaning costs over time. The business grew quickly however, becoming a valuable agricultural resource.

Long time members of Pheasants Forever and other wildlife organizations, the Gordons decided to expand their services and sell wildflowers and native grasses in the late 1990s. These seeds and custom mixes are used for waterways, wildlife food plots and landscaping projects.

In the early 2000s, Gordon Farms Seed Company began to condition and process soybeans for Stine Seed Company. Their services also include cleaning other specialty seeds such as buckwheat, oats, wheat, cowpeas and other food plot seeds. Gordon Farms Seed Company continues to grow and change with the advances made within the agricultural industry, providing you with all the agricultural services and products needed to stay ahead in today’s competitive world.

In January 2012, Steve and Bernie decided to split the company to allow them to make changes and apply their knowledge to the divisions of the business that they know best. Both businesses will still operate out of the same location on the family farm but will stand alone as two different companies, Gordon Farms Seed Company and GF Seeds. GF Seeds will be owned and operated by Bernie Gordon, and their focus will be contract growing, conditioning, cleaning and treatment of seeds such as soybeans, oats and wheat. Gordon Farms Seed Company will continue to sell all seeds for any future project that you will be having.

In July 2012, Steve handed over Gordon Farms Seed Company to his old daughter Kacie. Kacie have worked on the family farm since she was a young girl. For the past 5 years she has held a management position of Gordon Farms Seed Company. She will continue to operate the company at the same location providing the same products with more products to come in the future. She will strive on customer service as she feels that is what builds loyal relationships with customers.

In August 2012, Gordon Farms Seed Company is proud to announce that they are officially a Beck’s Hybrids Dealer, to learn more about Beck’s Hybrids please visit their website. Throughout the selection of adding a corn and soybean product line to the company beck’s soared above the others. They are a strong family owed and involved company that provides outstanding performance and genetics in the corn and soybean marketplace and excelling at their customer service.
  About Us
Kacie Gordon, owner
Kacie is the daughter of Steve and has worked for the family farm since she was a young teenager. In June 2007, after completing her degree at the University of Illinois, she returned to the farm as a full time staff member. Kacie took ownership of the company in July 2012.
E-mail: Kacie@gfseedco.com
Office: (217) 892-8380
Cell: (217) 841-0131
Steve Gordon
Steve has been farming for more than 35 years with his brother Bernie. Steve is also an avid hunter; he has been planting food plots for many years and has been able to observe food plot practices from start to finish.
E-mail: gfarmsseed@aol.com
Office: (217) 892-8380
Cell: (815) 341-1660
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